Golfler is a game-changing mobile application that improves the golf experience for players and provides a turn-key management solution for golf courses and country clubs.
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GOPHER VIEW: Real Time Course Traffic

With real time user location tracking, courses are able to quickly resolve problems in real time by coordinating rangers through the messaging center to resolve bottlenecks.

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Messaging and Resolution Center

Pro-shop administrators are able to message rangers in one click to coordinate the resolution of a possible issue on the course or to speed up a hole's pace of play through a gentle nudge or request to let others play through. Employee's may also use the messaging center to report bottlenecks and/or other problems to the course..

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Cart and Kitchen Planning

Cart attendants or "Gophies" slow down course pace down on average one minute for every customer that they interact with. If courses are going to slow down their course, there should be a high probability of an order to better leverage attendant costs. Course kitchens will have advance notice to prepare food that is requested for pick up. This prevents your kitchen from holding traffic up at the turn.

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Golfler leverages a courses existing resources to increase order volume and to satisfy golfer's on-course demand for food, beverage and golf gear. A Golfler user simply add's items from a courses menu to a digital cart within the Golfler application; selects pick-up or delivery and authorizes their charge. The Golfler app takes care of the rest, coordinating the order with the course. Golfers and courses benefit from GPS technology; which enables a course's kitchen to plan ahead for a pre-order or for a cart attendant to provide on-course delivery.

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How? Improving Efficiency.

Golfler connects your pro-shop, kitchen, food and beverage attendants with the golfers on your course. Those golfers spend over 200 minutes on your course to only a few in your kitchen and/or clubhouse. Not only does Golfler help a course improve it's customer service, it also enables a course to leverage existing kitchen, staff and persishable goods costs to make more money. Golfler uses simple GPS location services available in smartphones to locate and expedite orders. Payments are processed through credit card so there is never a need to count change again.

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Market Tested Rangefinder:

Golfler's recent acquisition of Ninja Caddie gives players access to a 4+ star rated rangefinder with over 10K downloads and 12,000K courses mapped globally, our rangefinder provides players with extremely accurate and precise measurements. Moreover, Ninja Caddie is ad-free and "best in class" energy efficient, helping keep your phone charged for a 45 hole marathon.

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Weather View

Golfler provides real time updates on weather conditions in your area and even enables your course to warn you of severe weather. Golfler's weather feature is so advanced, you can check your local doppler to see when that storm will clear, review tomorrow's forecast before scheduling a tee-time or factor the wind into that approach shot to take home the glory of your club championship. Download Golfler, for free, and never risk being unprepared on the golf course again.

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Digital Scorecard

Golfler provides access to a digital and easy to use scorecard. Keep track of your whole groups score with scorecards and hole handicaps integrated right into the app. No need to look for a mailbox after the first hole, Golfler makes pencils and scorecards obsolete. Not only will you be doing a favor to the environment, you can also user Golfler to track your handicap.

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Advanced Analytical Data:

Golfler gives course owners access to data about what their customers want by aggregating Golfer's spending habits locally, regionally and nationally and comparing those metrics to a given course with real-time reports. By analyzing a courses menu against hot items that are in demand by golfers and sold at other courses, a course is able to better supply its customer base. This means that courses are equipped to better tailor the perfect golf experience to their patrons. Indeed, with Golfler's Advanced Analytics, a course need never be in the dark when their pricing is less than competitive or about what amenities a course's golfers crave.


Golfler App Features

Golfler App allows golfers to reserve times from anywhere with the push of a button. Golfers can improve their game with the industry’s best range finder, and enjoy food and beverage on demand through in-app ordering. Courses enjoy a one-stop

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Golfler App allows golfers to book tee times at our partner courses with the push of a button. It’s fast, easy, and free!

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Golfler’s rangefinder is the only rangefinder on the market that allows Golfers to plan their shots up to three swings in advance. It is accurate and functional at most courses across the country! It features a 3D mode, and best of all, is energy efficient to preserve battery life.

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Have you ever been parched on the 5th hole with no cart attendant in sight? Did you rip your gloves on that last hole? No problem – Golfler has the solution! Golfers are able to order food, beverage and essential gear, on demand from our partner courses. When your order is ready golf course personnel deliver it personally using the GPS on your mobile device, and users even pay and tip through the app!

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Golfler provides a turnkey solution for golf course management. The POS system consolidates multiple functions which are currently divided across multiple platforms into one easy to use app. The POS system is smooth, improves efficiency, and ultimately, revenues!

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Did you Know ?

  • 80% of Golfers carry a smartphone and use it to acccess the internet multiple times per around.
  • The average round of golf has slowed down to 4.5 hours-- 64% of golfers biggest on-course pet peeve is slow play.
  • GPS equipped devices have imporved course pace of play by up to 20%.
  • In 2013, over 75% of US courses lost money on food and beverage.


  • 29M Golfers in the US.
  • $95K - Average Golfer Income in US.
  • 51% of golfers have walked of the course because of a slow pace of play.
  • $150K+ - Cost of cart mount GPS alternative
  • 8% - Pace of Play improvement.
  • $0.99 - Golfer Platform fee per order

Why Golfler?


Golfler is a game-changing mobile application that improves the golf experience for players and provides a turnkey management solution for golf courses and country clubs.

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