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  • A Golfers Best Friend

    GOLFLER is the last mobile golf application that you'll ever have to download. By design, Golfler offers everything that a golfer might need while golfing. Among other features, your download of Golfler will include access to pre-ordering and delivery, an ad-free rangefinder, scorecard, weather forecasts, course discounts, messaging and more. Golf features come complimentary with your free download of Golfler and we only charge $0.99 for delivery and pre-orders placed while playing at GOLFLER affiliate courses.

  • The Great Communicator

    If people widely regard the golf course as a great place to communicate when conducting business, why then, does it seem like some courses are so bad at communicating with golfers in the course of conducting their business? Golfler's two way messaging system allows for you to communicate directly with the pro shop to report issues like a cold burger, warm beer or a course log-jam that is holding you up. Golfler also provides the course with an direct messaging function; enabling it to respond to your concerns in real-time.

  • Golf Course Concierge

    For golf nuts, happiness only requires the ability to eat, sleep and to play golf. No longer does one have to trade off with another as Golfler provides you with real time access to a course kitchen. Celebrate that eagle by adding a burger or six pack of beer to your shopping cart. Then select delivery or pre-order and authorizing your charge. While you're busy getting ready for the next tee, Golfler routes your order to the clubhouse to be prepared for either pick-up or delivery..

  • No Ads and "Best in Class" Battery Life

    Golfler recognizes that you go to the golf course to get away from the burdens of advertisements. As golfers ourselves, we recognize the distraction of ads and have designed Golfler without them. Not only are Golflers rangefinder, scorecard, weather and messaging center ad-free and included complimentary with your free download, but our GPS rangefinder uses enterprise quality, "best-in-class for energy efficiency," software that won't drain your battery life with pop-ups before you finish your round.

More Features

Our app provides players with a more enjoyable golf experience while maximizing a course owners bottom line.

GoPHer View

GPS view of entire course and pace of play monitoring.

World Class Rangefinder

Access to a proven range finder that won't drain a players battery with bothersome ads.

Direct Messaging

Real time messaging coordinates critical communications between golfers and course managers.

Digital Payment

Provides players with the ability to pay through credit/debit card.

On-Course, On-Demand

Provides delivery of all club house amenities.

Advanced Analytics

Courses have access to comparative analytics and reports identifying popular items.


We at Golfler believe no patron of a golf club should have limited access to food or beverage. Let's face it, in the 21st century everything you want can be had on demand. So why maintain a food and beverage system with a 20th century mentality? Our application allows you to order food and beverage from a club menu at any time. Why not pre-order food at the clubhouse from the 7th hole? How about a round of cocktails for your friends while you search for a friend's ball on the 15th? Even better, by utilizing a smartphone's GPS, Golfler allows a cart attendant to deliver your purchase with lightning speed and spot-on accuracy. Do you have a friend who always seems to forget his wallet? No more excuses because payments are processed by debit and/or credit card. Imagine a world of golf where you can have anything you desire with the push of button. No need to hop in the DeLorean, because the future is now.

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