Golfer is the future

Golfler offers an innovative solution for your course management needs. It’s proprietary technology improves communication between the course and golflers, and consolidates many of the day-to-day management tasks into one easy to use point-of-sale (POS) system.


In a time-poor society, neither golfers nor golf clubs can afford to wait. Golfler makes it fast and easy for players to book advance tee times at your club with the push of a button. Currently, 80 per cent of golfers carry smart phones and that number will continue to grow. Courses will find that our trade times are significantly more favorable to courses than any of our competitors – so sit back, relax, and watch your revenues go sky high.


For golfers at your course, grabbing a hot meal or a sixer for the back nine requires waiting – and nobody likes waiting! Golfler enables your kitchen to accept on-demand food and beverage orders and routes delivery orders when your cart attendant, or Gophie is online. Golfler uses the GPS already available in customer smartphones to receive, process and increase sales volume – which means increasing revenues.

MobiLe App Category Killer For Golfers


Improve revenue by selling more tee times under the most favorable terms on the market.


Let on-course on-demand sales increase food, beverage and golf-gear order volume and revenues.


Real time access to comparative analysis, showing frequency of play, average spends, other course prices and menus, employee reviews, etc.


2-way messaging center operates as a inter-company communication system and allows courses to communicate with all golfers in just one click.



Golfler gives your customers access to one of the most trusted rangefinders on the market – with a seriously competitive edge. Not only does Golfler offer a 4+ star on-course rangefinder, it comes exclusively with the world’s first “pin scheduling” system. Golfler designed the software in-house to allow you to schedule in a weekly rotation or to adjust the pin placement for your club championship. Golfer strategically acquired Ninja Caddie from Australia - an application with over 10,000 users - because of its established reputation within the rangefinder category for battery efficiency, but repackaged it to be a course superintendent’s best friend. Since then, Golfler has drastically improved the Ninja Caddie user interface and added a scorecard as well as access to weather. If your course is not in Golfer’s database of 20,000+ global courses, you and/or Golfler can custom map your course in minutes. Saving time is paramount in modern golf club operations and your customers will be reminded they can order from your kitchen, pro-shop or cart-attendant as they measure the distance of their next shot or record hole scores. Through Golfler, you’re able to provide marketing discounts and promotion codes before food expires or pricing goes up. Even in its GPS rangefinder, Golfer is designed to make your course money.


Internationally, the golf industry is facing significant technological changes to the way customers are served and the demographics of those customers. Millennials have taken up a large percentage of the market and that number will increase as younger golfers replenish the sport’s ageing. This new golfer wants everything – and right now. Golfler allows you to tap into this need for instant gratification by providing in-depth analytical data about who is playing at your course. Identifying what customers want and providing it for them increases your profit margin. More importantly, keep your regulars coming back by accessing Golfer’s informative database. See how often golfers play, how frequently they attend your course and what they are purchasing. Getting to know your customers will lead to greater appreciation for your club and you as an owner. Golfler helps you embrace a new generation of hip and trendy golfers without having to glue yourself to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Zero upfront costs and free on-boarding. Golfler is free for yout Golfers to download and they will have access to an ad-free, ultra energy efficient rangefinder, scorecard, weather and messaging center customized for your course at no cost to them. Additionally, your course will have access to Golfler's "Gopher View" pace of play tracker, inter-company communication center, golfer messaging center and comparative benchmarks from other courses at no fee. The Golfler model is based on teamwork and support as Golfler only makes money when you do. If a golfer uses the Golfler app to place an on-course delivery or food and beverage pre-order, Golfler will earn a ninety-nine cent commission from your golf course for facilitating the on-course transaction.