The only golf app you'll ever need

Play on Through with Pace of Play Monitoring and Reporting

The next time the group in front of you hits three tee shots per person, imagine how enjoyable it would be to spend up to 30 minutes less per round waiting to hit a shot. GOLFLER helps courses to improve the golf experience by reducing down time between shots. Specifically, GOLFLER's "Gopher View" function enables pro shops and rangers to identify slow play. GOLFLER also equips courses with a ‘Messaging and Resolution Center’ giving courses the tools that they need to manage and resolve slow play. 

On-Course, On-Demand:

We live in an on demand world, so why should the golf course be any different? If you're like most golfers, you expect convenient access to food, beverage and golf equipment while you golf. GOLFLER is an application that routes food and beverage orders from a golfers mobile device to a course clubhouse. Golfers can pick up orders or have it delivered on demand to a golfers cell phone provided GPS location. GOLFLER's pre-ordering and delivery function removes the burden of playing hide and seek with the cart attendant and allows you to focus on your approach shot.


Range-finders are a modern golfer's best friend. You and this ad-free, energy efficient GPS with built in scorecard and tournament leaderboard are going to get along just fine. Pro shops can also send golfers promotions and deals via the app and GOLFLER will soon have tee time reservation capabilities.

Messaging Center:

Two-way messaging center facilitating communication with other golfers and also operates as a forum for golfers to raise issues, concerns or compliments with the course and/or with the GOLFLER team.


Improving pace of play might be the defining feature of the GOLFLER application. We all know slow play can undermine what should be an enjoyable day. Using GPS technology, club managers will be able to determine where all their patrons are at any given time. This allows pro shop staff to effectively address any pace of play issues throughout the day. Stuck behind a logjam on the eighth hole? No worries. Now managers will be able to send rangers to speed it up, or even pre-plan to avoid problems. Providing you with the most enjoyable experience possible is our first and foremost priority. We understand that increasing ease and efficiency for club managers will pay dividends for your game - spending less time waiting and more time enjoying the game you love.


GOLFLER believes no patron of a golf club should have limited access to food or beverage. Let’s face it, in the 21st century everything you want can be had on demand. So why maintain a food and beverage system with an outdated mentality? The GOLFLER application allows you to order food and beverages from a club menu at any time. Why not pre-order post-round food at the ninth hole? How about a round of cocktails for your friends while you search for a friend’s ball on the 15th? Even better, using simple smartphone-enabled GPS allows club carties to deliver your purchase with lightning speed and accuracy. Do you have a friend who always seems to forget his wallet? No excuses anymore, with GOLFLER’s electronic payment system through your credit/debit card. Imagine a world of golf where you can have anything you desire with the push of button. No need to hop in the DeLorean, because the future is now.


Guessing what iron to use is as old as wooden clubheads and hickory shafts. Using GPS satellite technology, GOLFLER allows you to accurately measure the distance to the hole. Why download another GPS application when you already have an all-in-one device at your fingertips? Last golf ball went in the drink? No problem! Beyond food and beverage, GOLFLER can have any equipment stocked in the pro shop delivered quickly to customers on the course. Order golf balls, tees, pitch markers or anything that may improve the quality of the golfing experience for customers. Tiger Woods famously risked disqualification from the 2000 US Open at Pebble Beach because his then caddie Steve Williams had given all but one of his boss’ balls away to fans. Those days are over. Phew!


A round of golf should be like a tailored suit - designed and crafted just for you. Any good bartender will tell you that knowing what your regulars like to drink is perhaps the most important aspect of quality service. So why shouldn’t courses operate in the same way? Like that filet burger at the clubhouse? Enjoy particular beer stocked at the bar? Prefer a specific kind of golf ball for your game? Staff should never, ever have to answer you with, “Sorry sir, we’re out of that today.” You work hard, so why shouldn’t your club work hard in crafting a truly great golfing experience for you, your family and your friends. Simply put, we want your club to know how to better serve you. But wait, there’s more. GOLFLER also allows consumers to determine what the price of those items should be. Aren’t you tired of getting nickeled and dimed for the things you want? By getting to know your budget, clubs will adjust their prices to what YOU determine is a fair market value. GOLFLER puts you, the consumer back in control.


GOLFLER is 100 percent free to download. You will have access to a world-class rangefinder, scorecard, leaderboard, weather forecasts, messaging and improved pace of play at no cost. GOLFLER only makes money if you use our application to order food, beverage or clubhouse gear for delivery from the cart-attendant or for pre-order at the turn and/or 19th. The fee is 99 cents and support GOLFLER’s development team and growth.