Golfler is an award-winning technology company that builds course management software for golf facilities.

  • Cloud Based Tee Sheet
  • Point of Sale Register
  • Reports & Accounting
  • Web, Mobile & Marketing

Turn-Key Electronic Reservation System


Easy to use and intuitive. Tee-Sheet automatically scrolls to present time. Search tee-sheet by player name, view present, past and future bookings. Block-Off Tee Times. Separate tee-sheet for the front and back nines at 18-hole facilities. Color corresponding overview of reservations, check-ins, cancellations and “no-shows” for any given day. Much more.

League/Outing Check-In


“Quick Check-In” feature for golf leagues, tournaments and/or outings so that golfers aren’t piling up behind your cash register.

Accept Online and Mobile Bookings


Accept tee times reservations booked on your website, through your facebook page or your courses complimentary Golfler mobile app. Easily modify your tee-time policies. Accept payments by credit card, promotional coupon or by membership number.

Manage Tee-Time Times and Prices


Set rates by time of year, time of week and even by time of day. Choose if tee-times include a cart. Adjust tee-time intervals and online booking policies in just a few clicks.

Fully integrated Point of Sales with Everything a Course Needs


Inventory may be searched by name and courses can add commonly sold items to a custom “Quick Menu.” Easily modify items with free and/or paid add-ons. Send custom notes to the kitchen. Individual items can be discounted in the shopping cart, or an entire order can be discounted, but not below the item’s “floor price” as set by the Course administrator. Assign custom terminals to track who is using your point register, when and from which location.

Turn-Key and Fully Integrated


Easy to use, turn-key Windows program that syncs with your tee-sheet without having to toggle between different programs. Fully integrated with receipt printer, cash drawer, credit card reader and optional barcode scanner and/or touch-screen monitor. Accept all forms of payment including: cash, credit cards, checks, membership numbers, refunds vouchers, gift certificates and promotional coupons. Sell gift certificates. Issue “pay-outs” to vendors or rain-checks and/or refund vouchers to customers. Keep detailed records of payments and/or credits due golfers.

Inventory Management

Inventory is organized into the pro-shop, greens fees, food and drink and a “other” departments with intuitive golf related sub-departments and categories. Quickly add new items by name. Modify items with free and/or paid upgrade options. Keeps track of item costs and calculates profit margins. Provide a floor price, which is the fixed price that an item may not be sold for less than. Set different tax rates for different items.. Keep track of quantities and export reports for inventory audits

Accept Payments by Member Number

Simply add one of your members name, phone number, email address and specify a member number. All in person and/or online transactions can be completed using a member number. Golfler provides detailed member purchase history reports and enables you to print a paper invoice, or to request payment by electronic invoice and payable online by check or credit card.

Golf course operators are in a position to make better decisions when they have the right information. The list of summary and detailed reports made available to courses that use Golfler is exhaustive. Below is a summary of some of the reports available using Golfler.

Report Dashboard

Compare total revenue, revenue by department and revenue by sub-department by time of day, week, month, year or any other date period. View a Quick Summary of sales for all departments, or filter by department, sub-department, category and/or item. Reports provide information with respect to Gross Sales, Cost of Goods, Profit Margin, Tee Times Reservations, including Check-Ins, No Shows and Cancellations, Carts Fees, Alcohol sales and more.

Golfler Playing History

Search golfers by name and further their playing history by a given date range. Review all rounds played, including 9 and 18-hole round breakdowns, including the average price paid per round. View Golfers “No Show” history and require advanced payment for Golfers who frequently book tee-times and fail to show up.

Product Summary

Search individual items, departments, sub-departments and categories of items with a given date range. Review average cost price, average sale price, profit margin, quantities sold, discounts given, tax collected, profit received and transaction history.

Day End Course and Terminal Reports

Make cash drops easy. View a daily summary of sales, costs, margins, items sold, department sales and a breakdown of payment type for the entire facility or broken down by terminal. Print the report on a receipt and make end of day cash drops 100% accurate with no effort.

Sales History and Quickbooks Integration

View all transaction history for any given date period or narrow the results by searching for the purchase history of a customer. Filter sales by payment type. Recall, refund, void and/or delete orders. Syncs with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, saving several hours a week of time consuming and stressful manual sales history entry.

Inventory Reports

View sales by department, sub-department, category and/or by item name/SKU. Review available quantities of items in stock, cost of goods, retail sale price and the average actual sale price.

Included Responsive Website and Custom Mobile App

Your Golfler license includes a free responsive website guaranteed to look good on any computer, tablet and/or cell-phone. Market photos and information about your course, connect with golfers on social media, advertise specials, introduce your staff, accept tee-times and event registrations and more. Golfler provides access to a complimentary mobile app that enables your customers to register for events, book-tee times and read course information. Among other things, the Golfler mobile app includes a best in class rangefinder and scorecard that your golfers are sure to love.

Easy to use Website and Mobile App Update Manager

Your golf courses website and mobile app can be edited directly from the Golfler course management program. Under settings, the General Course Info Tab includes basic information about your golf course. Tabs can be added as requested and/or as needed by a golf facility. To update a golf course website and/or mobile app, a course operator simply needs to edit the text shown under the tabs and press save.

Own your Customer Database

Your courses custom point of sale system includes unfettered access to the names and contact information of all golfers who reserve any tee-time at your course, who make a in-person purchase and/or who use your courses complimentary Golfler mobile app while at your course. Unlike our competitors, Golfler will never claim exclusive ownership of this database and you are able to export it outside of Golfler at any time.

MailChimp Integration

Golfler has partnered with Mailchimp to offer an easy to use, best in class email marketing tool from within your custom golf course point of sale. Among other things, you’re able to see which of your customers has opened your emails and who has ignored it. Mailchimp even takes care of customers who wish to unsubscribe, saving you the burden of manually removing addresses from your email list. To use Golfler within Mailchimp:

 ›  Click On “Create Email Campaign” from within Golfler.
 ›  Choose a professional designed golf template, edit text as needed.
 ›  Select all golfers, some golfers, or a recurring list of golfers to receive the message.
 ›  Press Send.

golf range finder app

best app for golfers

Did you Know ?

  • 80% of Golfers carry a smartphone and use it to acccess the internet multiple times per around.
  • The average round of golf has slowed down to 4.5 hours-- 64% of golfers biggest on-course pet peeve is slow play.
  • GPS equipped devices have imporved course pace of play by up to 20%.
  • In 2013, over 75% of US courses lost money on food and beverage.


  • 29M Golfers in the US.
  • $95K - Average Golfer Income in US.
  • 51% of golfers have walked of the course because of a slow pace of play.
  • $150K+ - Cost of cart mount GPS alternative
  • 8% - Pace of Play improvement.
  • $0.99 - Golfer Platform fee per order

No Barter Tee Times. No Monthly Bills

Golfler was founded by PGA professionals and golf course owners to automate everyday tasks and to utilize the internet to incerease revenue.

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