Golfler is an application that routes food and beverage orders from a mobile device to a course clubhouse. Golfers can pre-order food and beverage to be ready at the turn or have items delivered on demand anywhere on the course.
GOLFLER featured on WDIV Local 4 Click-On-Detroit’s “Tech Time” with Andrew Humphrey
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GOLFLER featured on WDIV Local 4 Click-On-Detroit’s “Tech Time” with Andrew Humphrey

Well you have on demand movies and TV shows, and now thanks to a local inventor, you have on demand golf.

Local 4’s Andrew Humphrey has the story on the new ‘On-Demand’ app:


Technology and sports have come together on a Detroit golf course, an app that allows you to concentrate on your golf game while at the same time adding on demand service. Hand delivered. The app is called GOLFLER. The founder was inspired early. I observed a lot of inefficiencies that golf courses have and I’ve been a tech geek my whole life. Some Pro’s were skeptical at first, but came around.

“I thought he was out of his mind, but when I realized and reviewed what he’s offering, it really helps the facility”. Golfers are able to order food and beverage from anywhere on the golf course. A few taps and refreshments appear at your hole. Sounds good! “I’ve got things to do afterwards and the convenience factor is such a plus”. Golf balls, umbrellas, bug spray and more, can be ordered and delivered from the pro shop. “It also allows them to plot shot. For example, if I hit my first shot and it lands, at this target, the app can tell you how far is it to the second shot. The app gauges those distances and gives them a competitive advantage”. Also, the apps algorithm and GPS helps move play along politely. “If a group is taking longer than 15 minutes for the hole, our software lets the golf course know so they can send the ranger out to resolve the pace of play issue”.

This runs in the family, the founders father used to manage Michigan courses and now he works for his son. “I’m beating him on the golf course and I’m kind of his boss”!  It’s a weird transition, but a lot of fun for both of us. As a dad, I’m so proud of him and as a worker you couldn’t work for anybody better. And the result a product the golfers love. “A good lookout over the course, a good shot selection, and how far you are from the hole and it’s free, I can’t beat that”.

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