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GOLFLER Launches Concierge Service App for Golfers
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GOLFLER Launches Concierge Service App for Golfers

Writer: Jon Zemke

Jason Pearsall has spent more than his fair share of time around golf courses. He grew up on a golf course where his father worked as a general manager.

“I am very familiar wit the golf industry and the problems golf courses have,” Pearsall says. “I also play a lot of golf myself.”

Which makes sense why he would start a business based around golf. GOLFLER is launching mobile app that features an all-inclusive, on-course concierge service for golf courses and players.

GOLFLER’s app aims to speed up course play, help golf courses generate more revenue, and make golf more enjoyable for its players. The app offers players on-demand access to course menus, equipment, and cart delivery during rounds. It also features a 3D rangefinder, live weather updates, digital scorecards and real-time direct messaging.

GOLFLER launched last March and is currently made up of a team of 35 people. It has information for 12,800 golf courses across the U.S. and is working directly with 20 courses in Michigan, Florida and Arizona. GOLFLER aims to sign up another 5-10 golf courses each month for the rest of this year.

“We’re trying to grow at a pace that is realistic,” Pearsall says.

Source: Jason Pearsall, president & chief legal officer for GOLFLER

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