What is GOLFER?
Golfler is a free, easy to use all in one smartphone application for golfers. Our app harnesses GPS technology to route a golfer's food, beverage and golf gear orders anywhere on the course. Golfler also provides players with access to weather updates, a digital scorecard, real time direct messaging, a market tested rangefinder and a speedier pace of play. All of these features and many more provide golfers with a more enjoyable course experience.
What are Golflers core features for players?
Provides aerial overviews and GPS data available for over 20,000 courses worldwide. Features waypoint features that go beyond simply tee to green. Golfler gives players access to Ninja Caddie; a market tested rangefinder that eliminates the need to download an additional battery draining application. Players can see a map of where they are anywhere on the course and any potential hazards that might be in their path.
Golfler allows players on demand access to food and beverage ANYWHERE on the course. Gone are the days of being limited to food and beverage only on the turn or being forced to hunt down a cart attendant. Golfler allows players to order food from a condensed clubhouse menu, pay for that food digitally through a debit or credit card. As soon as orders are processed, the clubhouse gets to work, handing off the delivery to a cart attendant. The cart attendant sees the location of the customer and quickly expedites the order. Customer’s can see the location of the attendant and directly message them with any concerns or questions. Golfler even also allows for patrons to order food to be ready directly at the turn eliminating the need for waiting.
Golfler provides players and course owners with a real time messaging system. Golfers can contact club managers, report destruction of club property, contact cart attendants, the clubhouse, the pro shop or simply message a friend that is playing on a different hole.
Golfler isn’t limited to food and beverage delivery only. Our application provides users with direct access to your favorite club’s pro shop. From incidentals to a new set of clubs, browse and place equipment orders for immediate on-course delivery
Quickly resolve pace-of-play issues with two way messaging contact options for players. By mitigating the traditional problems associated with food and beverage delivery, Golfler helps ease the pace of play, making for a quicker game and a happier golfer. Beyond this, Golfler allows players to directly contact a ranger in real time if they encounter any problems or are stuck behind a slow moving group.
How does Golfer save my battery life?
One of the main draws of Ninja Caddie is its low energy output. Using our battery friendly rangefinder, golfers are able to keep their phone charged throughout the entire day.
Which courses are mapped? What if my course isn’t mapped?
Golfler has incorporated “Ninja Caddie” one of the most trusted and reliable rangefinders on the market today. Ninja Caddie carries a 4+ star rating, access to over 12,000 course maps and is already available to download on both the Google Play stores. Don’t see your course? Easily map your course with custom markings through Golfler's Course Builder at NinjaCaddie.com. It takes just 15 minutes and you can mark anything on the course. Visit: http://ninjacaddie.com, select course builder, create a login, insert your courses' address and custom map your course!
What is Golfer’s policy regarding user data?
Golfer collects information including users’ locations, purchasing data, and other usage statistics. Golfler will never sell users’ personal information to third parties
Is Golfler available for both Androids and iPhones?
Golfler operates on both platforms and can be downloaded on both the iTunes or Google Play stores.
How much does Golfler cost?
Golfler is completely free to download for Golfers. Players are charged only 99 cents for every order placed through the app.
What forms of payment does Golfler accept?
Golfler accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.
Golfler isn’t available at my favorite club. How can I make sure I’m not left behind?
Golfler is a new application that all courses may not have heard of yet. Let your course know about how this new and innovative application is changing the golf game. Use the Contact Us section of the website and let us know about your home club. We will contact their representative within 48 hrs.
I have more questions about Golfler? Where do I go?
Simply click the contact section Contact Us section at bottom of the webpage you will be directed to a form that lets us know your question and allows us to contact you back quickly. Golfler also can be contacted through phone, email, Facebook or Twitter.
Golfler GPS system isn’t working on my phone.
Please go to your phones settings and make sure you have GPS location services enabled on your device
How do I download the App?
1. Download the Golfer app to your mobile device [Google PLAY store / iTunes]
2. Register your account.
3. Ensure GPS Location is enabled on your device.
4. Sync to location by selecting from nearby courses or search by name.
What is GOLFLER?
Golfer is a smartphone application and a platform that provides course owners with an increased turnover rate, a higher volume of food and beverage sales, and in depth analytical data to better know your customer.
Where is Golfler located?
Golfler is a Detroit, MI based company that embodies the hard work and ingenuity endemic of the city and the people of the state.
What are Golfers features for courses?
    Increased food and beverage Sales
Golfler provides courses with a greater access to providing their customers with clubhouse amenities. This means courses not only increase food and beverage sales volume but are able to provide it in a quicker and more efficient manner. As soon as orders are processed, the clubhouse gets to work, handing off the delivery to a cart attendant. The cart attendant sees the location of the customer and quickly expedites the order. Even if your client’s party moves from hole to hole, the attendant will be able to monitor your progress and proceed to customer’s location.
    Increased equipment sales
Golfler isn’t limited to food and beverage delivery only. Our application provides pro shops with direct access to customers. Provide your clients with direct access to all of your clubs golf amenities
    DImproved turnover rate
Utilizing the GPS already inside player’s smartphones, rangers are able to quickly diagnose real or potential problem and proceed to the location to speed the game up. Our application provides course rangers and owners with access to a free tablet containing “Golfler View”, a real time satellite view of the entire course. Eliminate bottleneck’s, speed up slow players, while increasing your turnover rate and bottom line.

Direct Messaging to Customers: Golfler provides course owners with a real time messaging system. Courses are able to keep in better contact with players reporting slow play or potential damage of club property. Courses are also able to provide golfers with pop up notifications alerting them of special offers, events at the club, or even incoming inclement weather.
    Advanced analytical data
Golfler provides courses with advanced analytical data in order to better get to know their clientele. View when and how often your customers are playing. Evaluate how quickly certain patrons move down your course and plan accordingly. Gain access to player preferences when it comes to food, beverage, and gear. Determine appropriate prices that will keep your clients coming back again. Compare prices with other Golfler users locally, regionally and nationally. With Golfler, courses can tailor the perfect golf experience for their customers.
How can a mobile application help my course?
More and more golfers have access to smartphone technology and this number will only continue to grow. As technology changes the game of golf so to are those playing the game. Until now, clubs have been hit with two significant problems, the first being problematic (Lack of food and beverage sales) and the second a threat to a courses sustainability (slow pace of play). Golfler finds itself in the unique position where it can use mobile technology to pump up food and beverage sales but also reach customers at a quicker pace. By improving upon these features, Golfler attacks the pace of play issue, attracts new customers and keeps your regulars happy.
How does Golfler increase my revenue?
Golfler increases courses revenue by increasing volume of food and beverage sales and speeding up player turnover rate.
How is Golfer different from its competitors?
Golfler is a low risk, low cost option for course owners. Most of our competitors will offer to design an individual custom application for your club. However, these options contain a high upfront cost and can take several months of development. Courses can ill afford to take up such a risky venture without the certainty of success. Golfler is a streamlined universal application that contains no upfront cost and is free to download for courses. Golfler also acts as an all in one application. While some of our competitors may include 1 or 2 of our services, Golfler is the first smartphone application to incorporate all of the features Golfers want in one easy to use platform.
Can Golfler improve the efficiency of my employees?
Yes! Golflers analytical data allows course owners to track employee performance and gauge who are the most effective members of your staff.
How much does Golfler cost to my course?
With elevated sales of food, beverage, and gear, Golfler profit shares with courses taking a modest 8% commission on every item sold.
I want more information on Golfler or I want to sign my course up? Where do I go?
Simply click the contact section Contact Us section at bottom of the webpage you will be directed to a form that lets us know your interest and allows us to contact you back. Golfler also can be contacted through phone, email, Facebook or Twitter.
When should I expect a response to my inquiry about Golfler?
Golfer will answer your inquiry within 48 hrs. Monday-Friday.

If you do not receive a call or email back in 48 hrs, an alligator has eaten all of our employees. Please contact your nearest ranger for assistance. But seriously, you will be contacted within 48 hrs.